Swedish wilderness adventure

Do you dream about a proper expedition in the Swedish wilderness, but lack the proper equipment and experience? These trips are made for you!

We will take you to fantastic places in our 4×4, set proper wild camps in the middle of nowhere, cook our food over the flames, use what nature offers in terms of food and sleeping under the stars.
Since everything will be done together with our guides you’ll the opportunity to get great experiences.

That combined with your own choice of adventure; beaver and moose safari, visiting an old mine, crawl through caves, fishing, kayaking in small lakes or out in Stockholm archipelago, hiking or have a proper bush craft hour or two.


Running Wild – with a guide!

To much of the good in life during summer? How about hire a guide for a hike or trail run in the magical forests of central Sweden?
Our guide will take you out on a hike or a run in your own pace. Along tracks you wouldn’t find on your own though the lovely forest, past calm lakes, bogs and pastures! End the lovely tour with a sauna, take a quiet swim in the lake or just lay in the sun on smooth rocks.


Experience the late summer festival –
the Swedish kräftskiva

The Swedish ”kräftskiva” is a magical evening tour on our comfortable raft with a genuine Swedish crayfish feast! You will be served a dinner with crayfish, shrimp and all the necessary accessories that is included in a typical kräftskiva.


Overlanding tour at Gotland

Have you ever thought about going out on a real expedition? But you have neither the right car, free time or knowledge about what to do and where do you go and this puts an end to your dreams?
We will make the dreams come true! With us you can safely go away in a car with all expedition equipment that you might need and live in the wilderness.


Gift card

Swenture have an experience for all people!
You can buy a gift certificate for any adventure with Swenture, a special sum or of a value.
It’s more fun to give away a unique experience.
If you not want to give away a specific amount we can warmly recommend to give away any of our tours or why not give someone you love – a trip with you?

You can always contact us for a customized experience with Swenture: info@swenture.se

Order a gift certificate here

Swedish Allemansrätten

The right of public access is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to roam freely in nature.
You make use of the right of public access when you go for a walk in the forest, paddle a kayak, go climbing or just sit on a rock and think. Usually it is completely natural for us. In order for everyone to enjoy nature, we need to take care of nature and wildlife and show consideration for landowners and others who are outdoors. We can sum this up with the phrase
”Don’t disturb – don’t destroy”

Read more about Right of public access here

Our Service

Trips and tours are available on fixed dates or you can book an entire group on a custom date.
Professional guides for fishing from the shore, raft or on ice.
All are welcome and for the smaller children, we have car seat and baby carrier for rent.
Rent our nice and expert guides for walking, trail running, caving, sea kayaking, canal canoeing, fishing, hiking, mushroom picking etc.
We love to cook outdoor meals under primitive conditions! We have ecological and near produced food.
Available for rent.
We organize activities, outdoor experiences and events for groups and companies.
Rent training guide for a different exercise in nature. We also have tours with mindfulness and calm nature expedience.
Sleeping bag and hiking equipment is available for rent.